My name is José Rafael Solano Chacon, I was born in Cúcuta, Colombia. A border city very close to Venezuela, I am 31 years old, I am a Professional Architect in Colombia, I currently live in Valencia, Spain for professional and family growth, I am Married and have 3 Children. In principle we traveled to spain temporarily looking for treatments for my daughter who has a disability. but life changes plans.

I am studying the degree of fundamentals of Architecture at the UPV, for continuity of studies so that I can practice my profession in Spain. In 2009 I decided to study architecture at the University of Pamplona located in Villa del Rosario, Colombia.

There I studied architecture for 7 years where I learned the basics to design and build cities, in 2015 I founded my own construction company, SOLUCIONES BASICAS, ARCHITECTURE & CONSTRUCTION. (SOLBAS).

In this company we have had the opportunity to participate in different types of projects:
1. Buildings of social interest which our function was to carry out the entire construction and structural process of the building. designs previously made by another architecture firm. It was an enriching experience, because it helps me accumulate knowledge which could be practical and theoretical in the structural part, construction management and personal management.

2. Housing design, execution and direction. which taught me how important it is to know how to put ideas on paper and then materialize them.

House E-7 Tennis Park (Cucuta, Colombia) Design and construccion (SOLBAS construcciones)

One of the things that defines me the most is that I am a dreamer and I want to expand my company in different parts of the world. That is why I made the decision to study and homologate my career at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.