P1 – My environment

Q1. Why did you choose this place?

I chose this place which is located between Massamagrell and Pobla de Farnals beach because it is the way I take daily when I need to take a break, this place reminds me of my childhood, because I grew up in Los Llanos Orientales in Colombia and it is an area surrounded by nature and crops, similar to this, is a place that was outside the chaos of the city and always allowed me to feel calm and free.

Q2. What do you think makes you be at ease?

The sound of the wind, nature, being close to the sea, but what I like most about exercising (running) in this place, in addition to the landscape, is that at the end of the journey I always reach the sea, and it is like a gift, a award for having fulfilled my physical health that contributes a lot to my mental health.

Q3. Is there any disruptive element?

Yes, a disruptive element for me are the cars, because the road is divided by vehicular traffic, this causes a bit of pollution, also the weather is an element that sometimes limits this place, due to the rains in some months or the heat and the sun in summer.

Q4. Do you think you’d feel the same way in another space right now?

Yes, I could feel the same in places similar to this anywhere in the world, that may be surrounded by nature, in fact I travel the world looking for different places to rest from the daily routine of work and work obligations.

Q5. Do you think that the particular conditions of this space may influence its occupants? How?

I think that yes, each space influences each person differently, this space has in common nature and the open and pure air that can be breathed, it is a place that transmits serenity, tranquility, it is a space that can be used by anyone type of person, with respect to age and sex, is a public place that is in good condition to take a walk, exercise or simply move from one place to another.

Q6. Would you change anything?

If I could change something, it would be vehicular traffic through this place, or at least a little more limited or further away to better enjoy this space.


I agree with Peter Zumthor because I consider that the spaces we design transmit energy, feelings, emotions, where climatic and environmental factors influence directly proportional to the space or place, where natural or artificial light also play important roles in the sensitivity of a space and what it wants to convey, as well as the architectural materials used, influence the perception of space.

I choose Copenhagen as a place that transmits many emotional sensations to me, the environment, its culture and the education of the people have had a positive impact on me, it is a place that I think has it all, since it has modern, medieval and contemporary architecture but this is linked to the nature, being the natural a fundamental part of its infrastructure.

I can describe this city as the perfect integration between the built city and its natural urban areas, it is a sense of order and cleanliness, health and of course recreation.

It is a city that integrates public or private transport without being invasive, where pedestrians and bicyclists are a priority, a city that can be explored on foot, where every corner can be enjoyed on foot.